award at Hotel Luz En Yucatan

The history of this award:

This award was created to honor it's first recipient, Dr. Joel S., of Piscataway, New Jersey.

Sadly, during his stay with us, a ceiling fan cut loose and fell upon his head. We felt compelled to honor this gentleman.

At the awards ceremony, the good, and, we must say, remarkably forgiving doctor noted that, for years, he had been having a recurring dream wherein a ceiling fan fell upon his head.

We are so grateful to Dr. S for inspiring not only our awards program, but our new newest slogan, ie:
"At Luz, we make dreams happen!"

Below is a facsimile of our most recent award:


Subsequent to having fallen down our staircase, you are the winner of this week's THE MANAGEMENT APOLOGIZES FOR THE INCONVENIENCE Award*****

*****Probably pointless to sue us. Rather, we suggest you pick yourself up and get on with your life. We do believe that the winner of last week's award would give his remaining leg to do just that!

Note: We have had a number of guests who have tried to jump on the coattails of previous award winners, hoping to claim this award by falling down the selfsame staircase alluded to above. Consequently, we have determined that this particular happening will no longer qualify a guest for our award. A new mishap will have had to occur, e.g. falling over someone who is lying face down in our courtyard, subsequent to having has just fallen down THAT staircase. Thank you.

The Management.

Luz En Yucatan