Our co-owner, Ms. Parmet, is an amusing, but odd, woman. Her needs and expenditures are neither modest nor extreme. In developing our rates, we have factored in these needs, as we have found that Ms. Parmet will become cranky, contentious, and disruptive, if they are not met. (We work tirelessly at meeting our goal of "Peace, above all else, Peace.")


Apart from engendering decidedly unpleasant moods, the inability to generate sufficient funds as a hotelier forces Ms. Parmet to return to work as a nurse. Having her inflict her (faltering) skills on an unsuspecting and undeserving public... perhaps, even, you, or a loved one... is something we cannot (nor should you) allow to happen.


A further dynamic incorporated into our pricing policy is the hope that the wealthier among you will be sufficiently sporting to help to subsidize not only Ms. Parmet, but the less wealthy. We have therefore "scaled" our rates. To implement this policy, please answer the following question:


I am...


not at all



to see your rates.

We heartily thank you for your interest and
participation. Our wish is that you come to
Merida, stay with us at Luz En Yucatan and
enjoy a respite at our urban retreat.


Welcome and Bienvenidos a México
y a Luz en Yucatan!


For your information we operate as pequeños contribuyentes; we don't give facturas, only notas.

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